Time of reckoning is close...

Soon an electrical discharge of 3000 Volts will give you absolution of all the sins.But there is a chance to escape – old dirty cell, in which you been transferred before the execution, hides an old, forgotten secret.

Will you be able to escape from inevitable fate, unravel all the mysteries and avoid prison guards? 

What does expect us on the other side of prison walls - a long-expected relief and rescue, or something else?

Try the intense and atmospheric VR experience, immersing in one of the darkest "Crossside" worlds.


Media Gallery

Only the man who has known freedom, can define his prison
Darkness doesn't mean safe
Run for your life
In-game screenshot
In our project even prison laundromat has its own secrets
Your existence is an illusion
In-game screenshot
In-game screenshot
They kept me in a cage for too long because now every room I am standing in is just another cell. Raegan Butcher

We, ARVI Lab, are concentrating efforts on development high-quality VR games. Our goal is to show you really impressive virtual worlds, that will allow you to believe in their true existence and immerse into atmosphere of new perception. For that we are developing our own technology called Reactor, which will help us to create VR games on a totally new level. Produced environments will capture your imagination by an effect of a deep immersion at the expense of a maximum detailed simulation. It provides us industry leading quality and ultimate level of details on all modern VR-compatible computers. We want to share with you our vision, our passion, our ideas, and show you how we are going to push the limits.